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Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

At Mindmusic we are passionate in delivering workforce wellbeing programmes through the uniquely reaching lens of music.  Delivered by highly experienced practitioners, our workshop packages will weave a dynamic of connection, productivity and wellbeing and are based on extensive research and practice in the aligned disciplines of music and wellbeing psychology.  As an invested client, your engagement in our programmes will ensure a lasting beneficial impact for your employees.

What we offer

We offer a range of corporate wellbeing workshops specifically tailored to time availability, needs and specifications.  Our workshops are informed from music therapy ideology and will offer long term benefits and take home resources for participants to continue to enhance wellbeing and mental health.

Through the modality of music we create unique, evidence-based opportunities for teams, with primary goals including:

  • Increased productivity 

  • Increased creativity 

  • Improved group dynamic

  • Enhanced communication 

  • Enhanced cognitive agility 

  • Can accommodate groups of any size

Our Workshops

Positive Outcomes

Music inspires a unique impact on all aspects of our wellbeing and health.  Our innovative, music-based programmes can support your teams and employees to enhance their group dynamic and empathy by sharing experiences. Music can help stimulate creative thinking and cognitive agility and empower your employees with strategies to reduce stress and anxiety.​

Music is a unique activity and experience that we are innately built to respond to;  emotionally, creatively and physiologically.  No matter what prior musical experience your team has, they can avail to the full extent of our workshops.

Our musical therapy sessions are delivered and facilitated by an IACAT registered senior music therapist for individuals and groups (as advised).

Techniques and areas explored within our corporate workshops include:

  • Engaging in creative music making 

  • Sharing musical preferences and experiences 

  • An exploration of music in our everyday lives 

  • Practical explorations and take homes for musical pathways to reducing stress and anxiety 

  • An exploration of the effects of music on the brain

Corporate Workshop Enquiries

If you are interested in understanding more about how our music-based workshops can establish and nurture a culture of wellbeing and creativity in your workplace, please contact us.

Phone: +353 (0) 86-8240702

Thanks for your enquiry, we will be in touch soon
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